What Are Cannabis Vapes And How Do You Use Them

What Are Cannabis Vapes And How Do You Use Them?

Vaporizing or “vaping” has picked up popularity fast over the past few years. It’s now a regular occurrence to see people inhaling from a portable vape pen or even a larger tabletop vaporizer. But while some people simply use flavored tobacco-based vape oils or cartridges, you can also find cannabis vapes. So what are cannabis vapes and how do you use them?

Cannabis vapes are vaporizers, vape pens, and vape batteries designed for vaporizing cannabis products. Some of these are designed for use with THC-infused vape oils, pods, or cartridges. Some can handle dried cannabis flower or even vaporize cannabis concentrates and extracts. Whichever way, these offer one of the best ways to use cannabis. Here’s a guide to cannabis vapes and how to use them.

What Are Cannabis Vapes?

Medical marijuana users often look for alternatives to smoking. Although smoking cannabis flower can give you the potent effects of THC and other cannabinoids quickly and easily, some people find smoking to be unpleasant and harsh on the lungs. While you could consider alternative methods of consumption like edibles or tinctures, many people enjoy vaping.

Vaping replicates the experience of smoking, except your hits will be smoother and it’s arguably healthier. Many users claim that vaping offers a safer and more positive experience than smoking cannabis, especially as it doesn’t involve inhaling burning toxins. Cannabis vapes are devices designed to allow you to vaporize your cannabis.

Cannabis vape pens and vaporizers heat your cannabis products until they’re hot enough to produce inhalable vapor. You then inhale the vapor for instant effects. There are many types of vape accessories, including 510 vape batteries for use with 510 thread cartridges, dry herb vaporizers for vaping weed, and even concentrate vaporizers for vaping cannabis concentrates.

What Are Cannabis Vapes

What Are Cannabis Vape Oils?

The term “vapes” can also refer to the products used along with your vaporizer. While some cannabis vaporizers are designed to handle powerful cannabis extracts like shatter and hash and some are designed for use with cannabis flower, many vaporizers are designed to be used with THC-infused vape oils.

Cannabis vape oils can come in many flavors and strains and offer all the same effects you’d usually get from smoking weed. The only difference is that they come in the form of a liquid that you can add to oil vaporizers for quick and easy vaping. When you vaporize these oils, they provide smooth, flavorful, and potent cannabis vapor.

The advantage of using cannabis vape oils is that you can refill your vaporizer with them many times, meaning they’ll often last for many sessions. The hits will also be much smoother than what you’d get from smoking cannabis. Vape oils can also add more flavor to your vaping experience, meaning the hits will be even more satisfying.

What Are Cannabis Vape Cartridges?

You can also use cannabis vape cartridges. Instead of filling your device with oil, you can simply attach a cartridge that’s already filled with high-quality cannabis vape oil. These cartridges generally contain a high amount of THC, meaning that you can use them for multiple sessions and simply turn your device off once you’re satisfied with the effects.

There are different types of cartridges, designed for different types of devices. For instance, 510 thread cartridges are particularly common. You can attach these to any 510 thread vape pen or battery and start smoking instantly. You can also find cannabis vape pods - these are small, pod-like cartridges that you can use with a JUUL or other pod-based devices.

Cannabis vape pods and cartridges can be found in a wide range of strains and flavors. Whether you’re looking for indica effects, sativa effects, or hybrid effects, you can find a suitable cartridge for your needs. Many vape cartridges possess the flavor of the strain they’re extracted from, but some are also infused with fruity or minty flavors to make them more enjoyable.

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What Are Disposable Vape Pens?

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of buying a new device, you can buy disposable cannabis vape pens instead. These are exactly what they sound like - pre-filled vape pens that you can start using straight away for hits of potent and flavorful cannabis vapor. They come in various flavors and strains and are incredibly convenient.

Although you’ll need to dispose of these devices once you’re finished, they often come with enough THC or CBD to last you for multiple sessions. They’re also affordable, so once you’ve finished with one disposable pen, you can simply buy another to keep enjoying the smooth cannabis vapor they offer.

Buying a high-quality cannabis vaporizer might be a better option in the long run, especially if you’re looking for the best vaping experience possible. With that said, disposable vape pens are great for convenience and still offer potent effects, making them a great option for those who want to try vaping for the first time or those who simply want a no-nonsense vape device.

Where To Buy Cannabis Vapes

Cannabis vaporizers and vape products are generally available in all cannabis stores and dispensaries. You can find a wide selection of devices from dry herb vaporizers to disposable pens. You can also find various vape products, including cartridges, oils, concentrates, and more. Just make sure you buy products that are compatible with your chosen device.

Those in Niagara Falls can buy cannabis vapes from Wonderbuds. We offer a range of high-quality vape products to suit all users. You can also find cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, and everything else you need.


Cannabis vapes are among the many options now available to cannabis users. Like smoking, vaporizing cannabis offers fast-acting effects, but the hits will be smoother, stronger, and more flavorful. You can also find many types of vape devices and products to suit your needs.

Of course, cannabis vapes aren’t your only option. For a convenient method of consumption, you might also want to consider marijuana edibles, tinctures, or even pre-rolls. You could also try concentrates, topicals, and CBD products. No matter what you’re looking for, you can buy cannabis products in Niagara Falls here at Wonderbuds.v