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The Best Cannabis Concentrates for Beginners

Cannabis products come in many forms and each one has its perks. For instance, users who want a traditional, no-hassle way to smoke will enjoy Cannabis Pre-Rolls whereas Cannabis Topicals are ideal for those who want to apply THC directly to the body. As for those who want a potent and flavorful experience, you’ll want to check out the best Cannabis Concentrates for beginners.

Cannabis Concentrates are products that are made by extracting the cannabinoid-packed trichomes of cannabis into dense, concentrated forms. These products take on many different forms depending on the extraction process used, but they all contain extra high levels of THC. So which is best for you? Here are five of the best Cannabis Concentrates to try.


Also known as Dry Sift, Kief is a product that comes from the dried trichomes of cannabis buds. It comes in the form of greenish-brown powder and, if you grind your weed with a Grinder regularly, you’ll probably find a small stash of Kief in the bottom. However, high-quality Kief is usually made with a Pollen Box or Dry Ice Extraction Bags.

If you’re a complete beginner to Cannabis Concentrates, then Kief is probably the best choice for you. Kief isn’t as strong as other types of concentrates, but it still packs more THC per gram than Cannabis Flower and packs a punch. Plus, it’s easy to use and can be used in various ways.

The simplest way to use Kief is to simply sprinkle it into a joint along with your choice of ground weed. If you prefer using a Pipe or Bong to smoke weed, you can also sprinkle some Kief on top of your bowl. Alternatively, Kief can be heated and compressed to turn it into Hash.



Hash or “Hashish” is one of the most popular types of Cannabis Concentrates out there. In some parts of the world, Hash is even more popular than weed. It usually comes in the form of a solid block of compressed Kief particles, although these can vary in shape and color depending on the extraction process used.

It’s a popular choice for beginners as it’s fairly mild compared to other concentrates. For instance, while some types of concentrates contain up to 90% THC, Hash usually contains around 20-60% THC. This is still much stronger than Cannabis Flower, but not too overwhelming for beginners.

Another perk of using Hash is that it crumbles nicely when you light it, making it perfect for packing into joints or bowls. The best way to use Hash is to mix it with weed or tobacco. It can also be used with certain types of Vaporizers if you want an even stronger and smoother kick. You can try various types of Hash, such as Bubble Hash, Dry Sift Hash, and Pressed Ice Hash.


Shatter is one of the most easily recognizable types of cannabis extracts. It gets its name from its rigid, glass-like form, and applying some pressure to a block of Shatter will cause it to break into small pieces. It’s usually yellowish or amber and contains very high levels of THC- often around 70-80%.

It’s made by dousing cannabis buds with a solvent (usually butane) before undergoing a purging process to get its unique texture. A small dab of Shatter can be used with a Concentrate Vaporizer or even applied to a Dab Rig for potent effects. Since it contains such high levels of THC, even a very small amount can provide an intense high.

Shatter is one of the best Cannabis Concentrates for beginners as it’s potent, easy to break into small dabs, and great for smoking or vaping. Indica Shatter is best for those who want a soothing and relaxing high whereas Sativa Shatter will provide more of an uplifting cerebral high. You can also find it in specific strains, such as Glueberry Shatter.


Rosin is a solventless cannabis extract that’s made by simply applying heat and pressure to cannabis buds. Some users even make Rosin at home by wrapping cannabis buds in parchment paper and pressing them with a Hair Straightener or Home Rosin Press, although it’s best to buy Rosin if you want high-quality extracts.

It can come in various forms depending on the extraction process and the product used. For instance, Rosin can be soft and waxy or rigid and crumbly. Whichever way, Rosin is a great choice for beginners who want high-potency cannabis extracts that have been made without solvents.

You can add dabs of Rosin to a joint or bowl, although the best way to use it is with a Concentrate Vaporizer or Dab Rig. Rosin is also available in various strains. For instance, you might want to try Sensi Star Flower Rosin, Black Cherry Punch Hash Rosin, or Golden Kush Cake Rosin


Live Resin

Those who want the most flavorful extracts possible will be impressed by Live Resin. Live Resin is made using a unique production process that involves flash-freezing freshly-grown cannabis buds before extraction. The flash-frozen buds then undergo a delicate extraction process that retains the cannabinoids and terpenoids of the buds while producing a highly concentrated product.

Drying and curing cannabis buds often results in strains losing many of the fragrant terpenes that provide their unique taste and flavor. Since these steps are skipped to make Live Resin, the hits you get from Live Resin extracts will be especially flavorful. They’ll also be potent thanks to the high levels of cannabinoids they contain.

Much like other extracts, Live Resin is best consumed via vaping. You can use it with a Concentrate Vaporizer or apply it to a Dab Rig or Dab Pen. Whichever way, you’ll be impressed at the flavor and power of each hit. Live Resin is available in various strains, including BCN Critical XXL, SLK, and Kish.


If you’re looking for potent products that are packed with high levels of THC, these five Cannabis Concentrates will suit you. They’re ideal for vaping but can also be mixed with Cannabis Flower in a joint or bowl. If they don’t suit your fancy, you can check out plenty of other products in our online store at Wonderbuds.