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Smoking Marijuana vs. Using a Cannabis Vaporizer

When it comes to using marijuana, many users pick Cannabis Flower. After all, it’s available in tons of strains from physically soothing indicas to mentally uplifting sativas and each strain has a unique flavor profile. You also have multiple choices when it comes to how exactly to use it, and you want to weigh up the perks of smoking marijuana vs. using a cannabis vaporizer.

Smoking and vaping marijuana are two of the most common methods of ingestion when it comes to using weed. Both bring on the effects of marijuana instantly via inhalation, yet there are some significant differences between them. Here’s a guide on smoking marijuana vs. using a cannabis vaporizer to help you decide which option is best for you.

Pros of Smoking Marijuana

If you’re looking to experience the effects of marijuana, smoking is a simple and time-tested method. Many people have their first experiences with marijuana via smoking a joint and, for some marijuana smokers, this might even be the only method of marijuana consumption they’ve ever used.

The main benefit of smoking marijuana is its convenience. All you need to smoke marijuana is a few Smoking Accessories, namely rolling papers, a lighter, and a grinder - as well as some of your favorite weed. Although rolling a joint takes some practice, you can also buy pre-rolled joints that are ready to smoke right away.

Smoking a joint is an easy and fast-acting way to get high. After inhaling, you’ll feel the effects within seconds. You can also smoke marijuana using a Pipe or even a Bong that filters your smoke through water. Although smoking is often considered unhealthy, smoking weed is much more beneficial than smoking cigarettes and research suggests smoking weed could even enhance your lung capacity.

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Cons of Smoking Marijuana

Although smoking is one of the easiest and fastest-acting ways to get the effects of marijuana, it’s not necessarily the most healthy. Although smoking a joint is healthier than smoking a cigarette, many users still find that smoking can be harsh and unpleasant on their lungs.

What’s more, although it’s seen as one of the most convenient ways to get high, users now have plenty of other options. Instead of having to grab your rolling papers, lighter, and Grinder, you can simply use a handheld device such as a Vaporizer to get high.

Of course, the method of smoking that you choose can make a significant difference. For instance, smoking marijuana using a Bong is much more pleasant and convenient than smoking a spliff or a joint. With that said, many users still find other methods of consumption more enjoyable and satisfying.

Pros Of Using a Cannabis Vaporizer

Many users who don’t enjoy smoking marijuana choose to vaporize marijuana instead. Vaporizing involves using a device known as a Vaporizer or Vape Pen to heat your cannabis without burning it. This causes your weed to release cannabinoid-rich vapor that you can then inhale through the mouthpiece. Much like smoking, this brings on the effects of weed almost instantly.

The main benefit of using a Cannabis Vaporizer instead of smoking is that it enables you to inhale the effects of weed without burning it. This prevents any toxins from being released and also prevents you from inadvertently inhaling butane from your lighter. It also feels smoother and easier on your lungs, and many users consider vaping marijuana a safer and more positive experience than smoking.

Using a Cannabis Vaporizer is also convenient and enjoyable. Instead of having to get all your smoking accessories together, you can simply load the chamber of your vaporizer with weed, set your desired temperature, and start vaping. Many vaporizers even allow you to adjust the temperature to bring out more of the flavor or potency of your weed. Additionally, research suggests that vaporizing your weed delivers stronger effects than smoking it.

Cons of Using a Cannabis Vaporizer

There aren’t many drawbacks to vaporizing weed over smoking it. Using a Cannabis Vaporizer is convenient, enjoyable, and alleviates many of the concerns that people have with smoking weed. With that said, there are still a few minor concerns that some users might have with vaping.

Although vaporizing is considered a safer and healthier way to ingest marijuana, it’s still a fairly new method of consumption. As such, there aren’t many long-term studies on vaping and not much is known on the long-term effects of vaporizing weed on your body.

While vaporizing is said to produce stronger effects, some users may prefer to enjoy a milder high from smoking. What’s more, getting a high-quality vaporizer can be costly in comparison to smoking and some users may simply prefer the feel of using a joint or Bong over a Cannabis Vaporizer.

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Smoking vs. Vaping: Which Is Best For You?

Smoking and vaping are both perfectly viable methods of using marijuana and both are worth considering. Both can be used with all kinds of marijuana strains and both will bring on the effects of your chosen strain instantly. However, there are a few factors that might make you want to choose one over the other.

Vaping is generally considered to be a better choice for various reasons. Not only does it offer the same level of convenience, but it’s also easier on your lungs and can help you bring out more of the flavor of your weed.

With that said, smoking marijuana isn’t necessarily a bad choice. Some long-term studies have counteracted the idea that smoking weed is bad for your lungs and you can still get all of the perks of weed by smoking it. Not to mention you can experiment with different devices such as Bongs and Pipes.


When it comes to smoking marijuana vs. using a Cannabis Vaporizer, vaporizing weed seems to be the better choice. It offers a safer experience and can also produce stronger effects. With that said, smoking weed is still a perfectly viable option and will still give you all of the medical benefits of marijuana.

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to choose. You can try out both of these methods and see which works best for you. You can find Cannabis Flower, Vaporizers, and all the accessories you need online at Wonderbuds.