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How to Roll a Marijuana Joint

Learning how to roll a marijuana joint is one of the first skills every marijuana user should learn. Although you can avoid rolling joints by buying Cannabis Pre-Rolls or even using cannabis-infused products such as Cannabis Edibles, knowing how to roll a joint is still a particularly useful skill to have for various reasons.

Rolling a joint allows you to add as much weed as you want. Beginner users could roll a small joint with 0.5 grams of their favorite weed or less whereas experienced users can make bigger joints. You can even make your joints more potent by mixing your weed with Cannabis Concentrates. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to roll a marijuana joint.

Step 1: Get The Supplies You Need

Before you even try to roll a joint, you’ll need to get all the necessary supplies. There are a few things you need to make a satisfying joint, namely a Grinder, a lighter, and some rolling papers. However, you also have multiple options when it comes to buying these accessories that could make a difference to your joint.

While pretty much any lighter will do the trick, there are a few types of Grinders to consider. A simple two-piece Grinder will get the job done just fine, but a three-piece or even four-piece Grinder can be useful for separating your weed and Kief into separate chambers. This makes it easier to collect the ground weed you need to make your joint.

Rolling papers are even more varied. Not only are there various brands and materials to choose from, but also different sizes. Beginners should stick with 1 ¼ size Rolling Papers as these are the most commonly used, although you can use 1 ½ size or King Size Rolling Papers if you want bigger joints. Luckily, it’s easy to find all of these supplies when you buy Smoking Accessories online.

Step 2: Choose Your Strain Of Weed

The next step is to choose which strain of weed you want in your joint. Marijuana doesn’t just come in one variety. Every strain has something different to offer in terms of taste, potency, and the kind of effects you’ll experience. While you should look into the full descriptions of each strain, they’re usually separated by type.

Indica strains are generally considered the better option for those who want a relaxing and body-focused high. If you’re looking for a strain that’ll help you mellow out and get rid of any pain or stress, indica strains are perfect for you. In contrast, sativa strains will generally deliver a more energizing and mentally stimulating high.

You can also check out hybrid strains which contain a mix of indica and sativa genetics, resulting in a mix of effects. You should also check the THC levels of the strain you use. Strains with higher THC levels (usually 20% or more) will give you a more powerful high whereas strains with lower THC levels will be milder and easier to manage, especially for beginners.

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Step 3: Grind Your Weed

Once you have everything you need to make a joint, the next step is to grind your weed. Dried Cannabis Flower usually comes in the form of small, round buds which need to be ground into tiny pieces before being rolled into a joint. Failing to grind your weed will result in a lumpy joint that doesn’t burn evenly.

Fortunately, grinding your weed is very easy. Simply fill a Grinder with a small amount of weed, close the top, and twist it to cut your weed into fine pieces. You might need to do this a few times till you’re satisfied. Once you have your ground weed, you can empty it into a container or onto a piece of paper to use in your joint.

If you don’t have a grinder, there are other ways to cut your weed. Some users use scissors or even pick their buds apart with their fingers when they don’t have a suitable alternative. With that said, it’s much better to simply buy a Weed Grinder as it’ll improve the quality of your ground weed and give you better joints.

Step 4: Make A Filter Tip

Before you start rolling, you should make a filter tip for your joint. The filter tip is the part at the top of the joint that you inhale from. Failing to make a good filter tip will result in you sucking ground weed into your mouth, so it’s important to use one. Luckily, this isn’t too difficult.

Some types of rolling papers come with premade filter tips. However, you can also make one with a thick piece of paper or thin cardboard. Make a small rectangle that’s around 6 cm by 1.7 cm and bend one end around 4 to 5 times to create a zig-zag or “M” shape. You can then roll the rest of the sheet around this part to create a cylinder.

It might take a couple of tries to make the perfect filter tip, but it becomes easy once you get used to it. You can later use the filter tip to roll your rolling paper around it and ensure that your joint is in the right shape.

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Step 5: Roll Your Joint

After making your filter tip, place a rolling paper on the table and place the tip at one end. Fill the rest of the paper with as much weed as you want. Usually, 0.5 grams is enough for beginners but you might want to add a gram or even more if you’re sharing with friends or trying to make a more powerful joint.

Next, cradle the joint between your fingers at both ends and roll it back and forth to ensure the weed is spread out properly. Try to get more weed towards the top of the joint at the end opposite to the filter tip.

You can then roll one end of the paper over the top, using the filter tip to retain a cone-like shape. Lick the end to stick it down and use a pen, hoodie string, or another narrow object to push the weed down from the top. Twist the top to seal the weed inside and, voila, your marijuana joint is ready to smoke.


It might take some practice to roll the perfect joint but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to handle it with ease. After rolling the joint, simply light the end, wait for it to burn down to your weed, and inhale through the filter. Smoke as much as you need to get a satisfying high and enjoy the rest later.

You can find marijuana, rolling papers, and all the other supplies you need to roll a joint at Wonderbuds. You can also find pre-rolled joints and various other cannabis products if you want to try something different.