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8 Tips & Tricks to Find Your Ideal Marijuana Dose

Marijuana can enhance your senses and heighten your mood, making you feel happy and stress-free while simultaneously relieving your body of any physical pain or tension. However, if you ingest too much, you might end up feeling anxious, nauseous, and overwhelmed. That’s why it’s important to find your ideal marijuana dose.

The ideal marijuana dose isn’t the same for everyone. Some people can handle more marijuana than others based on their tolerance. On top of that, some users prefer to get extremely high whereas others like to give themselves a mild buzz. Whichever way, using the right tips and tricks can ensure you have a great experience every time you use marijuana. Here are eight tips and tricks to find your ideal marijuana dose.

1. Find The Right Strain

Finding your ideal marijuana dosage starts with finding your ideal marijuana strain. Every strain varies in terms of appearance, flavor, effects, and most importantly, potency. That means that even if you smoke the same amount of two strains at different times, one could hit you significantly harder than the other.

When you buy marijuana strains online, you can check the THC percentage of each strain. Generally, anything below 12% is very mild, 12 to 18% is moderate, 18 to 20% percent is strong, and anything over 20% will be very potent. You might want to start with a moderate strain like Northern Lights to build your potency and adjust your quantity when you use a high-THC strain like White Wedding.

2. Pack Your Joint Or Bowl With The Appropriate Amount

No matter which marijuana strain you choose, it’s important to use the right amount. For instance, if you’re a beginner and you pack a joint with a gram of high-THC marijuana, it’ll probably hit you way too hard. In contrast, packing 0.5 grams of a moderate strain in your bowl will be much easier to manage.

Determining exactly how much weed you’re using can be tricky, so you might want to try pre-rolled joints to start. Each pre-rolled joint contains the same amount of weed, making it easy to experiment and find your ideal marijuana dose. After that, you can get used to rolling joints yourself or packing your bowl with the right amount.

Pack Your Joint Or Bowl With The Appropriate Amount

3. Take One Hit At A Time

Even if you pack too much weed in your joint or bowl, you don’t have to smoke it all at once. The best approach to find your ideal marijuana dose is to go slowly. Whether you’re smoking a joint, taking hits from a bowl, or using another method of consumption, take one hit at a time and see how it feels.

Waiting between each hit will make your weed last longer and allow you to maintain your high. What’s more, you can enjoy the buzz and decide when you’ve hit the perfect level. Once you’ve had enough, you can simply put your joint out or empty your bowl and smoke the rest of your weed another time.

4. Try Marijuana Tinctures

Another good way to find your ideal marijuana dosage is to experiment with marijuana tinctures. These liquid products offer an easy way to measure and apply your desired dosage. Simply use the dropper provided to absorb as much tincture as you need and apply it drop-by-drop under your tongue.

Marijuana tinctures are measured differently than marijuana flower strains. Each bottle will tell you how many milligrams it contains and how many milligrams you’ll get in each drop. This makes it exceptionally easy to measure your dosage by the number of drops you take and use more if you need to. Starting with around 10 to 15mg of THC Tincture is usually a good approach.

5. Start Low With Edibles

Marijuana edibles offer a much stronger and longer-lasting high than other marijuana products. When you eat these delicious THC-infused snacks, your body converts the THC to 11-hydroxy-THC, a stronger form of the chemical that can get you high for anywhere from 4 to 12 hours.

Like tinctures, edibles are measured by mg of THC. Beginners should start with 10mg of THC before considering taking more, especially as edibles can deliver an extremely powerful high. It’s also important to note that edibles can take 30 to 90 minutes to kick in, so don’t try to take more until the effects come and go.

6. Don’t Increase Your Dosage Too Quickly

No matter what kind of marijuana product you use, it’s important to take things slow if you want to find your ideal dose. If you decide to take a few extra hits within a few minutes or eat an extra edible, you could end up getting way too high to the point that you experience unpleasant side effects.

Remember to only increase your dosage after you’ve let the effects settle and decide that you want to up your high. This is especially important when you’re taking edibles as the effects can take hours to peak, but it also applies to smoking, vaping, and using other products such as tinctures.

Use CBD To Counteract THC

7. Use CBD To Counteract THC

Even if you’re careful with how much marijuana you use, you might eventually end up overshooting the mark and taking too much. Fortunately, you can easily counteract the effects of THC by ingesting more CBD.

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s known to make the psychoactive effects of THC less overwhelming. As such, you can make your marijuana high more manageable by using CBD products such as CBD Oil or CBD Edibles.

8. Prepare Yourself To Avoid Stress

Remember to come prepared every time you get high. Even little things like being in an uncomfortable environment or forgetting to stay hydrated can impact your high, so remember to drink plenty of water and only smoke somewhere where you feel comfortable. Having CBD products and some snacks and drinks to offset an overwhelming high can also help.

You should also remember that sometimes a bad high is simply the result of worrying too much. It’s easy to find your ideal marijuana dose when you let go of stress and simply enjoy the experience. Remember these tips and you’re sure to find your sweet spot and have a stellar time getting high.


The ideal marijuana dose isn’t the same for every user, and sometimes it takes finding the ideal product, method of consumption, or simply using the right amount. Fortunately, these tips and tricks can help anyone find their ideal dose and have a great time whenever they get high.

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